Macadams Ovens

  • Convection

  • Deck

  • Rack Ovens 

  • Smart Controller

  • Convecta Oven

    Compact design Convection Oven ideal for smaller Bakeries.

    As with our range of Industrial Rack Ovens the designed offer optimal baking results with our ideal air circulation.

    Our ovens are designed to control and steer the hot air accurately within the baking chamber of the oven to produce the finest baking results. The powerful 12.5 kW element results in quick heat recovery at the start of the baking cycle.

    Ultimate steam generation and distribution.

  • Deck Ovens

    Sizes available - 1 to 4 decks

    Our range of Deck Ovens are constructed and produced by Macadams International and offers ultimate flexibility to suit most baking requirements. If you are a small, medium or large bakery in Australia or New Zealand and are looking for a quality Deck Oven, then speak with us today.

    Macadams deck ovens can be coupled with an underneath prover to provide a total baking solution. All deck ovens are fitted, standard, with proper ceramic soles for hearth baking and are supplied with a removable steel grid for baking on trays.

  • Gas and Electric Rack Ovens

    Sizes available - 1 to 4 racks

    Industrial strength gas/electric rack ovens designed to deliver optimal baking results. Ideal air circulation and heat exchange steer the hot air accurately within the baking chamber of the oven to produce even baking.

    Ultimate steam generation and distribution.


    • Smart controller panel

    • High grade stainless steel design

    • Easy Maintenance / hygienic

    • Electrical or Gas execution

    • Auto Damper

    • Intuitive controls

    • Robust design

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