• Forming

  • Depositing

  • Topping & Glazing Units

  • Medium/Large Size Pie Lines

  • Pie Lines

    AMF’s Tromp brand offers leading pie production solutions for sheeted and pressed production methods.

    Various kind of pies can be produced, scrap-less in pans or in foils. Complete wash down, hygienic construction
    TROMP bakery equipment can offer you a perfect solution.

  • Pie Filling Depositors

    For applications where a chunky meat filling is used andaccurate portioning/weights is important, we recommend apiston depositor.This depositor is used to protect the integrity of the filling asmeat and vegetable pieces can be damaged in other typesof depositor.For applications where a long continuous stream/sausageof meat is required we recommend a meat pump typedepositor.

  • Medium Size Pie Line

    Our medium size Pie line is ideal for the growing bakery and offer the same build quality as our large industrial lines.

    Offers improved product quality, consistency and efficiency.  

  • Topping and Glazing Units

    Topping units for seed, sugar, spices, and other ingredients offer maximum product flexibility for any shape or product size.


    Egg wash and wetting units to finish off you products with a nice consistent appearance.

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