• Bread Lines

  • Seeding Units

  • Proving 

  • Tunnel Ovens

  • Cooling

  • Sheeted Bread Line

    Tailor-made Tromp bread line designed to meet your product requirements.
    Integrated systems: from mixing to cooling and freezing.


    • Hygienic

    • Ability to run a wide variety of dough's

    • Ability to create many different shapes and bread sizes

    • Flexibility with quick and easy product changeovers

    • High production capacity

    • High degree of automation

  • Seeding

    Topping units for seeds, spices, and other ingredients offer maximum product flexibility for any shape or product size.

  • Clean line Cooling

    Vulganus Spiral cooling is a continuous system for cooling your products with clean-air.

    The products are cooled with closed air circulation in clean and controlled environment.


    • Stable and continuous cooling conditions improve product quality.

    • Controlled atmosphere reduces risk of condensation in cabinet.

    • Cooling with cleaned air reduces contamination risk.

    • No heat transfer to production area.

    • Possibility to adjust cooling time

    • Smaller footprint due to shorter cooling time

  • Tunnel Ovens

    Our line of Den Boer tunnel ovens provides your facility with the ability to produce higher quality baked products with more consistent results. The Multibake line provides optimal quality and price. Installation time can be saved due to the pre-assembly of the modules. Featuring highly insulated walls, these ovens are designed to ensure that valuable heat does not escape. At the same time, the exterior of these ovens will never exceed 43°C. (110°F). Doors are executed on both sides of the oven to provide convenient and easy access to the oven's interior. When your facility needs a reliable tunnel oven, this product is an ideal solution.  

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