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  • Make-up

  • Filling

  • Glazing

  • Puff Pastry Laminators

    Offering high-speed, stress-free or extrusion laminating for the production of croissants, pastries, danish, and puff pastry products.

    Designed for midsize to large industrial bakeries, the flexible AMF Tromp Laminating Lines are custom configured to continuously layer, fold, cut, and/or stack dough creating multiple layers of dough for a finer cell structure to meet your exact product requirements

  • Universal

    Make-up Lines

    Universal make-up line for high volume production of products like sausage rolls, apple turnovers, D-shape, Chelsea buns, Pain au Choco, and much more.


    AMF Tromp lines offer flexible solutions for cut or moulded product types with or without toppings or inclusions. Modular design elements with conveniently stored parts offer efficient, tool less product changeover for maximum profitability.

  • Filling Depositor

    For applications where a chunky meat filling is used and accurate portioning/weights is important, we recommend apiston depositor.This depositor is used to protect the integrity of the filling as meat and vegetable pieces can be damaged in other types of depositor.

  • Topping and Glazing Units

    Topping units for seed, sugar, spices, and other ingredients offer maximum product flexibility for any shape or product size.


    Egg wash and wetting units to finish off you products with a nice consistent appearance.

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