Spiral Solutions

  • Cooling

  • Freezing

  • Proofing

  • Chilling 

  • Clean line Cooling

    Vulganus Spiral cooling is a continuous system for cooling your products with clean-air.

    The products are cooled with closed air circulation in clean and controlled environment.


    • Stable and continuous cooling conditions improve product quality.

    • Controlled atmosphere reduces risk of condensation in   cabinet.

    • Cooling with cleaned air reduces contamination risk.

    • No heat transfer to production area.

    • Possibility to adjust cooling time

    • Smaller footprint due to shorter cooling time

  • Chilling and Freezing

    The Vulganus Arcticline is a hygienic, continuous spiral solution for chilling and freezing. The products are chilled or frozen quickly and efficiently with a fully enclosed air circulation. The solution is highly hygienic as the rapid

    process limits the growth of bacteria. 

    Quick processing also minimizes evaporation and weight loss enabling improved productivity


    Key Features:

    • Optimised air circulation - efficient freezing

    • Minimised evaporation and weight loss

    • Rapid process – hygienic and high quality

    • Friction-driven spiral cage

    • Usable belt width 295–985 mm

    • Belt type chosen according to the end product

  • Proofing

    Vulganus Spiral Proofing is a continuous system for proofing your products with clean-air.

    ​Air handling system ensure consistent air temperature and humidity level to achieve controlled product consistency.

    All in one installed package, insulation of PU-elements with AISI 304 inside, high water pressure humidifier, electric heater, fan section for the axial fans. Fresh air and return air filters in its own filter casing.

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