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  • Pizza Bases

    There are various ways for processing the dough for pizza products. The customer can choose a production line with or without proofing, proofing the complete dough sheet before cutting, or even proof the product after it has already been formed into the correct shape. We hold an excellent reputation, as recognised by clients, for sheeted and pressed pizza products.

  • Proofing

    Our fully automated proofers create perfectly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Proofers can be placed in a sheeting line to proof dough sheets before they are cut into pizzas but they can also proof already shaped pizzas.Traveling behind each other on trays or on the belt, the individual, tension-free products are exposed to exact same proofing conditions, ensuring uniform end products. Proofers are custom-made to meet your specific product requirements and production volume. Our multi-level proofer is specifically designed for high production capacities. A flexible bridge system can run with different proofing times.

  • Pizza Decoration

    We offer you a variety of different methods to decorate the pizza of your choice! It all starts with depositing a tomato sauce onto your pizza base product. Every pizza producer has its own typical special sauce, and every sauce needs to have its own special treatment. On high capacity lines we can deposit the tomato sauce edge free, or even cover the complete product with tomato sauce without edges.

  • Cheese Strewers

    For the strewing of cheese, vegetables or meat cubes it is also possible to choose a system which can strew edge free (Targeted), or strew a continuous layer (Waterfall) onto the top of your final pizza product. Our Cheese strewers are widely used for various applications.

  • Tunnel Ovens



    Get the typical traditional, artisan taste and look of pizzas baked on stone.
    Special natural granite with a high surface density gives optimal baking results.

    A directly heated oven, with flexible temperature control for perfect baking results. The high-temperature
    version is ideal for baking pizzas at a temperature of around 450ºC in just 90 to 100 seconds.

    • Optional infra-red burners provide an extra boost to the  baking process.

    • Choice of conveyor belts, including stone sole oven.

    • Flexible temperature control. 

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